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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2011-11-09
so i know i've been MIA a little during 2011, but there has been so much happen since my last post that i needed a little time off.  here's a little run down...

1.  i needed a chance to get back into stay at home mom mode...

after trying (and failing) at going back to work, i needed to take a second and regroup my priorities and responsibilities around the house and trust that i've made the right decision to stay home with my kiddos.   we spent a fantastic (yet super hot) summer just being a family and it was awesome!  
eating popcorn while watching the shuttle atlantis launch

2.  we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary...

my husband and i have been together for almost 15 years and since july was our 10 year wedding anniversary, we took a weekend and celebrated "just the two of us".  it was a much needed getaway!  ;)
my love...

3.  my son/baby started kindergarten...  *tear*

my second (and last) child, my son, started kindergarten this year and it has been so much fun watching him grow up but it's also a little bittersweet since his milestone list is being marked off a little faster that i was prepared for.  
first day of school!  ;)

4.  i went to switzerland...

it was so last minute, so much that i paid for the expedited passport renewal so i would have it back in time to go, but my husband's job sent him to switzerland for training for 3 weeks and i got to go too!  i met him there for the last 10 days of his trip and had a blast!  it was my first trip to europe and it was so amazing. 
on our way through switzerland!

5.  i turned 30... 

i don't know how much explanation this needs, but this is something i'm still not sure how i feel about.  there are those that take birthdays like any other day and never feel any different, and there are those that see that zero at the end of their age and instantly feel old.  i don't feel really old, but i do feel a little different every time i have to say that i'm thirty and no longer in my twenties. it's a little weird...
6. my husband ended up in ICU for his heart...

this is still a little touchy for me since it only happened a few weeks ago, but long story short, my husband went to the hospital after we realized his heart was beating "off rhythm" and he was feeling some pressure in his chest.  after a long night in the ER and eventually ending up in ICU, the doctors decided he needed to see a cardiologist for an "a-fib".

which brings me to my last item...

8. we have made some major lifestyle changes...

after our trip to switzerland, where all the food is fresh; and the hubs needing to change his diet and lifestyle because of his heart, we are eating and living quite differently than before.  while i haven't completely cut out all fast food (ballet and soccer nights make that really hard) i have been buying lots more organic foods (especially meats and produce) and looking at the nutritional facts much more closely.

i know that this is alot to take in since i have kinda left you guys hanging, but i have full intentions on getting back to work with this blog.  i have missed it and you guys so much!

(oh and don't worry, i'll give more details on the above list that is my life...  i just need a second to catch



  1. I just posted a comment about missing you and stuff. Where'd it go? lol

  2. Jeri Maxedon Says:
  3. i dunno! did you post it here?!


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