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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2011-02-04
so today is friday. and all i can think is "thank goodness!" this week has been a crazy yet awesome week to say the least. here's the rundown of how it played out...

after my daughter was sick ALL last week with strep throat, my son was sick on monday. calling in to work resulted in a "mutual separation" of sorts, so now (long story short) i am a stay at home mom again. (blessing in disguise, believe me...) but thankfully, T just had a small cold, which was easily fixed. what was even worse, though, was my hubs left on monday to go out of town on business until FRIDAY... ugh... no "feel better" hug for me...

after wallowing in my own self pity the entire day before, i woke up to having one of my designs being featured on another blog. (score #1) then i met up with one of my new favorite design clients for coffee and to deliver her new business cards.  we discussed so much future work for and with her, that i completely forgot how inept i had felt the previous day. (score #2)  then after a long and very successful day of retail therapy(definitely score #3) i received a phone call informing me that i had won a two night stay at the Artmore Hotel in atlanta for the weekend of Valentine's day by submitting an essay a few weeks earlier that i had COMPLETELY forgotten about! (holy crap! score #4!)

this day was a little more quiet than tuesday, but equally just as special.  i met my mom and my nanny to resume (now that i'm not working anymore) our weekly lunch dates at nanny's favorite local restaurant, "Mansfields of Zebulon."  they are actually an event and catering business, but serve lunch only on wednesdays, so we love to take advantage.  of course the food was amazing and the company was even better.  later that day, my mom took my kids to church with her and i dropped by my awesome friend Heather's house to take (a much overdue) baby shower gift (since the baby is due like NOW) and to have dinner with her and some of her other girl friends.  never underestimate the power of a girl's night out, even if it is only for an hour or so...  i definitely felt better by the time i left.

thursday was a bit awkward.  I woke up really early and couldn't go back to sleep, so by the time the kiddos were on the bus headed to school, i was exhausted. (side note: i don't sleep well at ALL when the hubs isn't here. *tear*) but, i had a hair appointment before lunch, so no back to bed for me...  i dressed and headed out for the day and just like most other women, with the major change in my life this week, i needed a major change in my hair style. so i decided it was time for bangs. so "BAM" now i have bangs. and love them, ALOT. ;)   i was in an awesome mood after the salon, so it was the perfect time to swing by my "old job" and pick up my things.  with as small as this town is (and me being a habitual "people pleaser") i did not go in with a frown.  i walked in, quickly gathered my things, said good bye to everyone that i would actually miss, and left.  i was so proud of myself for being such a "big girl".  ;)  i wasn't ready to head home yet, so i went by my friend/neighbor's house to spend some time with her since we had kinda drifted apart while i was working.  definitely a good visit. 

which brings us to...

i have done absolutely NOTHING today...lol.  i got the kids off to school and went straight back to bed. i'm actually writing this post while STILL in my pajamas.  and guess what...  i don't PLAN to do anything today.  my husband will be on his way home soon, and i don't even care about the madness that is my house.  i am just so excited that he will be here soon.  so i can finally get my "feel better" hug and so i can actually sleep tonight...lol.  (although, i'm thinking i might go get a cupcake...)

so as random as my week has been, this weekend is going to be just as much.  between my daughter's classmate's birthday party, hubby's band practice and an annual event (read: stuffy/snobby) that my husband and i  have to attend, life goes on for me and my newly changed "lifestyle". 

funny how things all work themselves out for the best. i would've missed so much this week had i still been "working"...


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