Norma Kamali for Walmart

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2011-02-03
I love it when a uber awesome fashion designer takes on the challenge of making a collection for an affordable department store.  Especially when I LOVE the designer...

I was recently perusing (i know... as if i don't go to the actual store enough) when i came across the Norma Kamali collection.  Let me start by saying that as eccentric as I like my shoes and statement pieces, there is something to be said for simplicity in basics.  First, I fell in love with the designs and then I noticed the prices...  Holy crap! I can actually afford this stuff! (and the hubs will never even notice the bill!)  ;)

These are the pieces I actually purchased:

Norma Kamali - Women's Jersey Wide Leg Sleep Pant - Dark Grey Heather

Price: $11.00 

Made of a ridiculously soft light weight jersey, these pants are THE most comfortable lounge pants you will EVER wear!  BONUS: They have POCKETS!!!
Norma Kamali - Women's Jersey Wide Leg Sleep Pant - Charcoal Stripe

Price: $ 11.00

Same pants as above, but in a really fun stripe! (and I don't think I can stress the fact that they have pockets enough!)  ;)
Norma Kamali - Women's Jersey Crew Neck Sleep Tee

Price: $10.00

Same material as the pants above.  Features a longer torso and arm length AND thumb holes to keep your hands warm! *SWOON*

Price: $12.00

This convertible top is ridiculously amazing.  There are so many different ways you can wear it that it is like having 12 different tops and paying $1.00 for each one.

Norma Kamali - Women's Strapless Jersey Dress

Price: $18.00

Ummm, okay.  $18 for a fit flattering, timelessly classic little black dress?  Yeah... I'm sold.  ;) 

There are so many more pieces from Norma Kamali that you should check out at and if you have a larger budget than mine, you should see her actual  website with designer priced pieces. (still equally amazing!)


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