Berry Ball & Bag - REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2011-02-03
Being a mom who loves pretty things, sometimes it's hard to always "follow directions".  Especially when it comes to laundry.  *cringe* At the moment, I can't think of anything I hate more than doing laundry...  The last thing I want to do is take my time, read every single "care for instructions" and separate accordingly.  And don't even get me started on "hand washing"...  So you can imagine how beat up my intimates can get...

But no more.  Enter the Berry Ball & Berry Bag...

 This care solution set for lingerie & delicates lets you wash your bras, undies, tights, socks, swimwear (even baby?s delicates!) in the washing machine ? without them being destroyed.  Buh-bye tangled and crushed bras, stretched and twisted tights, snagged bathing suits, and lost socks!  By protecting your delicates in the washing machine, The Berry Ball & Bag extends the life of your lingerie wardrobe so you don?t have to frequently fork out $$ for a new one! And did we mention the power duo not only saves your wardrobe, but saves you valuable time from painstaking hand-washing ? which no one has the time for anyway?  The nifty gadget is also great as a packing tool to prevent bras from being crushed during travels, as well as a convenient storage tool to keep bra cups in-tact.  Available in sizes Small and Large to accommodate cup sizes 32A ? 38D, in colors Pink, Purple or Blue. -

Umm...  genious, right?  Yeah, well... It gets better.

This fashion must-have is priced at only $13.99!

I know it's crazy... $13.99 is WAY less than going out every few weeks to purchase that replacement bra from Victoria's Secret.  So this is the one time you should ignore your husband's plea to "please stop 'saving' me money!" (or maybe mine is the only one who says

You can purchase the Berry Ball & Berry Bag at the following online retailers:

I was given the Berry Ball & Berry Bag set free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion of this product.


  1. ~Amanda~ Says:
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you have used the berry ball, as your review does not mention your experience with it.
    I purchased the larger size ball as my bras are 38D, the upper end of the range according to the info. They just barely fit, and it can be slightly tricky to get the ball closed without part of the bra sticking out.
    Before purchasing, I read several reviews that mentioned they were difficult to open and close, but I did not have any trouble with this.
    So far my main complaint is that one of the clips broke off on the first use. At that rate, it may not last long.
    It DOES keep bras from tangling up in the wash which is nice, but I'm not sure it is worth the extra time and space to keep this around.

  3. Lisa Roig Says:
  4. I bought the Large One I'm a 36d it was very hard to get it in the washer. I managed to squeeze it in. I Have 2 Victoria Secret Bras Each were $65.00. I followed instructions exactly and when I opened the washer both bras were not in the ball. Also both Balls were completely latched closed. I called the manufacture since my bras are ruined and there was no offer for a refund or anything.Im not happy at all.


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