All I need is just a "little" hand...

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2010-11-10
After dinner, Tobey was drooling all over a sucker from his halloween candy (we strictly enforce the one piece AFTER dinner rule) while I was wiping off the kitchen counters.  When I looked up at him for a second, he had this excited look on his face and said "Mommy?" I smiled and replied "Yes, sir?"  He looked directly at me and said, "I want to skate on the ice."  (I could tell he was very proud of himself that he had come up with this idea all by himself.)  I kinda laughed and told him that ice skating was very hard.  I then remembered out loud that Cisco and I had gone ice skating once but that he had to help me around the ice the whole time because I was really bad at it.  (no, i mean it...REALLY bad.) I laughed a little and went on to say that "Daddy will surely have to go with us, honey, just in case we need a hand." 

Tobey sat there for a few minutes while I could tell he was trying to figure something out... 

He then looked up, (very serious, I might add) and said " Mommy, I'm not good at ice skating either.  I will fall down and hurt my knees.  But I'm gonna ask Daddy to teach me how to ice skate really good so that when I grow up, I can hold your hand and help you ice skate too." 

After I hugged him and told him "Thank, you, sweetheart!" (and quickly wiped the tear from my eye), I made sure Daddy wasn't around and sneaked my sweet baby another piece of candy...


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