This Time, It's All About Me...

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2010-10-25
It has taken me a while to realize how much I miss my blog.

(let's go back a little over a year ago...)

Pink & Posh was on the verge of greatness. Well, okay, if you consider after only a few months, having over 1000 subscribers, a Google page rank of 4 going on 5 and up to 3 contests a week, greatness.  And all this on a .blogspot account.  With NO custom domain.  I was beyond excited. 

That is until I decided to "expand my horizons" and purchase a domain name and wordpress hosting.  I expected that what little advertising money I received would cover these expenses, and sure, it did.  But what I didn't expect was to lose myself in the process.  What began as a simple blog where I could document my life as a self-proclaimed fashionista, mommy of two, became a metropolis for moms looking for that "next great contest".  Now, don't get me wrong, I love free stuff as much as the next girl, but when I write a post bearing my soul about my motherhood experiences and get little to NO comments, something didn't feel right.  This wasn't what I signed up for. I wanted my readers to know ME, not my "chance to get free deoderant".  How can I know that you appreciate my opinions when you don't even know who I am? Still, I worked very hard and VERY long hours (away from my family, no less) hunting down the next awesome contest and current fashion advice to accommodate the wordpress readers for almost a year when I gave up.  As soon as my domain name came up for renewal, I ran for the door.

I thought I was done with blogging forever.  Being burnt out was my main apprehension.  That is until I chanced upon my old blog here on Blogger.  It brought back the memories of when I WASN'T trying to impress anyone with my contests and when I actually ENJOYED writing.

So that is what I bring to you now. 
  • Pink & Posh, on Blogger.   Contents: Just Me... 

Now, for those of you only interested in the contests, I'm sure I'll be throwing those in here and there, but that is NOT the purpose of my blog...sorry.  I hope that you all can appreciate my blog for what it is, MY BLOG.


  1. .pink Says:

    Welcome Back...looking forward to hearing ALL ABOUT YOU!

  3. Jeri Maxedon Says:
  4. thank you so much, .pink! i'm loving being back! ;)


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