Here comes Santa Claus...

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2010-10-28
Okay, so it's not quite Halloween yet, but I have already been planning our Christmas card for a few weeks now.  And guess, what!? So should you! Especially if you want a personalized photo card.  If you own a great camera and can get a great  photo for your cards, that's awesome, but I had to book a photographer. ;)

Now back to the cards... Once I get the disk from our shoot, I want to use these photos for a really awesome Christmas card to send to all our friends and family.  I've searched all over for the best place to have these printed, and I think I've found it... has a GREAT selection of photo cards to make my card stand out among the rest.  A few of my favorites are:

I love the simplicity of these designs.  The main focus is on your photo but with a little flair to include the holiday spirit.

As a graphic designer, I appreciate these designs for their uniqueness and beauty.  They are perfect to add that couture look or even the fun modern look that displays your family's personality.

These are probably my favorite... I always have a problem picking ONE photo to include, so these collage cards are the perfect option.  They also come in so many different varieties from simple to fun.

And I can't forget the customized return labels to match my cards!  These come in a ton of options as well!

What's even better is that right now Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards!
How can I (or YOU!) refuse? I am so excited to see how our photos look on one of these card designs.  I'll be sure and keep you updated on which card design I choose to represent our family this holiday season! If you choose one, too, I'd love to know which one you pick! 


  1. SuZ Says:
  2. Thanks for tell me about this. I wasn't into sending cards but after seeing all these great designs, I so want too!

  3. Jeri Maxedon Says:
  4. that's great, suZ! be sure and tell me which design you choose if you decide to! ;)


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