Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2010-10-28
with the new budget plan we have implemented for our family this year, i can't justify spending a ton of money on costumes for halloween.  tobey wanted to be iron man, and luckily he got that costume for his birthday in august! so one down, one to go...  i already had a witch hat that ema had been dying to get her hands on, so since this year she is "old enough" to take care of it, i decided that i would let her be a witch.  but what else to wear? i do sew, but i have recently accepted a full-time position, so putting together an intricate black dress wasn't happening. i opted for a simple tutu with a black long sleeve shirt (that she already owned) and some purple and black stripe tights that i got at walmart for $3.  when i went to hobby lobby to get the tulle (95 YARDS!!!), i also scored a really great wooden broom for less than $4!  (love their sales!!!)   i set aside a few hours last night and tonight and voila! all done...

i wasn't initially going to add the corset lacing on the shirt, but i had a roll of green ribbon that matched perfectly, so, why not?  ;)  you can't see it but the waist on the skirt is lined with black sequin elastic so when she tucks her shirt in, it adds that extra little bit of bling...  i love how it all turned out, BUT i do NOT suggest using glitter tulle for a tutu. my kitchen is COMPLETELY COVERED in gold glitter! I'm not even sure how I'm going to clean it all up...  ;)

for those of you who don't know already and would love to create a tutu for you little girl, HERE is a really great video tutorial that shows you the simplest way to do it. (keep in mind though that my tulle strips for a longer tutu were 44 inches long.  all you have to do is just measure what length you want and double it...)

What are your kids (or even YOU) planning to be for halloween this year?


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