I am a late night blogger. Usually while my family sleeps, I am bringing you the coolest and and most useful products for women and moms. Without the hustle and bustle of children and chores, I get to slow down and take a break to focus on Pink & Posh. The only disadvantage to this comes from my post-children hormonal reactions. Since having my babies, when I relax, I get cold. I know....weird, right? Well, now I have found a bit of a solution to this. Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard is a company that specializes in computer accessories made especially for people like me who are oddly cold-natured or even for those who have hand pain. I had a chance to review their ValueRays® Warm Mouse, designed to solve the cold hand problem while using the computer.

"The ValueRays® Heated Mouse is new & improved! It's the original warmer mouse with enhanced functionality and warming characteristics. Enjoy deep healing warmth with improved construction, a smooth metallic finish, an easy improved on/off switch, an improved scroll wheel, a longer cord, and when used with other ValueRays® products improved warmth for the mouse hand. The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is an USB Heated Computer Mouse - Therapeutic Infrared Heat. The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is made using a carbon fiber to generate a continuous flow of deep healing infrared heat to the computer user’s mouse hand." - Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com

I am very happy with my heated mouse. It is a little strange to have a warm mouse. At first thought, I felt like something was electically wrong when the mouse was warming. But when I reassured my self-conscience that everything was okay, I began to enjoy the warmth for my hand. It is a steady heat that doesn't get too hot and it was really convenient to have the on/off switch for times when my hands aren't cold. Now I just need to get my cold hands on some of the other heated products that Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard offers like the ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad , the ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad, or the Mouse Hand Warmer® (Non-USB).

Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard is offering 1 lucky Pink & Posh reader the chance to win a USB heated Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch. To enter, simply visit their site and tell me which of their products you could most benefit from.

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This giveaway will run through midnight on June 21, 2009 with winners being announced on June 22, 2009. Winner will be chosen using Random.org. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before another winner is chosen. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.


  1. Marla Says:
  2. The heated mouse would be very beneficial to me. My hand, especially my right hand is always cold. I took up drinking coffee at work just to warm my hands up on the mug. This would be aweseom. Thank you for the giveaway.


  3. Marla Says:
  4. I signed up for email updates. Thanks!


  5. Marla Says:
  6. I am also a blogger follower. Thanks again!


  7. I have a laptop, so I'd love to win the
    ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad. Thanks!! --Michelle, blogattoday [-at|) gmaildotcom

  8. Email subscriber! :) --Michelle, blogattoday [-at|) gmaildotcom

  9. Button on sidebar! :) --Michelle, blogattoday [-at|) gmaildotcom

  10. Tweet: http://twitter.com/sweepstakesgirl/status/2182009475. --Michelle, blogattoday [-at|) gmaildotcom

  11. Beth Says:
  12. I do believe the mouse hand warmer would be great. I wear gloves with the fingers cut off in the winter.

  13. VickieB Says:
  14. Well, for me the heated mouse or mouse pad with the unheated cover.. or the heated cover would work well for my ever so cold hands.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  15. Baba Says:
  16. The heated mouse pad looks fabulous too!

  17. Baba Says:
  18. I am a blog follower

  19. Baba Says:
  20. I am an email subscriber.

  21. Baba Says:
  22. I have the Pink & Posh button in my fav blogs roll.

  23. Baba Says:
  24. Tweeted:

  25. would love ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad for my laptop!

  26. email subscriber

  27. VickieB Says:
  28. blogged http://vickieb52.blogspot.com/2009/06/bloggy-giveaways_15.html

  29. I would love the Mouse Hand Warmer® (Non-USB).

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  31. I subscribe

  32. carolyn Says:
  33. I think the mouse hand warmer would be perfect for my carpal tunnel pain. I would use this both at home and work.

  34. carolyn Says:
  35. I subscribed via email.

  36. carolyn Says:
  37. I follow

  38. andrea v Says:
  39. ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad would be perfect for work

  40. andrea v Says:
  41. email subscriber

  42. VickieB Says:
  43. button http://vickieb52.blogspot.com/

  44. Katrina V Says:
  45. The ValueRays® Warm Mouse would be most beneficial to me too. I'm also the type to get cold hands and feet easily :T

  46. Katrina V Says:
  47. Following your blog.

  48. Katrina V Says:
  49. Signed up for email updates.

  50. Katrina V Says:
  51. Added your button on my blog.

  52. Katrina V Says:
  53. Tweet.


  54. VickieB Says:
  55. I follow in blogger

  56. Nelsby Says:
  57. Such a tough decision...there are so many choices! I believe I would most benefit from the ValueRays® Mouse Hand Warmer since my "mouse hand" is always a whole lot colder than the other one.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. Nelsby Says:
  59. I am following your blog.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. Nelsby Says:
  61. I subscribe to your blog via email.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Nelsby Says:
  63. Tweet Tweet: http://twitter.com/Nelsby/status/2250017716
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. Terra H. Says:
  65. I'd most benefit from the ValueRays Warm Keyboard Pad. Thanks.

  66. Terra H. Says:
  67. email subscriber

  68. Terra H. Says:
  69. I have your button on the left hand side of my blog.

  70. VickieB Says:
  71. email subscriber

  72. LoisS Says:
  73. I think either this or the Warm Mouse would be the best for me

  74. LoisS Says:
  75. I subscribe by email

  76. LoisS Says:
  77. I follow

  78. LoisS Says:
  79. I have your button http://ljsin2win.blogspot.com/

  80. Naddez Says:
  81. I like the ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad and the ValueRays® Warm Mouse.

  82. Naddez Says:
  83. I have your button @ http://naddezsgoodycorner.blogspot.com/


  84. Naddez Says:
  85. Email Subscriber.

  86. Naddez Says:
  87. Follow blog.

  88. Naddez Says:
  89. Tweeted @ http://twitter.com/Naddez

  90. ccboobooy Says:
  91. The Mouse Hand Warmer. Thanks

    charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com


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