Zebra Mix - REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-24
Since I love to cook, so do my children. In fact my 2 year old son helped me scramble his eggs just this morning. (that was fun! LOL) Our favorite thing to do together is bake. There are so many ingredients that it is easy to share the responsibilities among the 3 of us. I am always looking for ideas to make this special time together even more fun. So when I was asked to review a new baking product specifically made for kids, I was so excited!

When our chocolate chip cookie kit arrived, I had to hide it so my daughter wouldn't hound me to open it the minute she saw it. (she thinks all my reviews are for her...lol) To be honest, I have to plan our baking experiences as they are pretty time consuming and a bit of a mess. My sister had asked me a few days before if she could take Ema for the weekend for a "Girls Party" and I knew that this would be the perfect activity for such a party. (of course, I cleared it with my sis first...lol) I packed this in my daughter's bag for them to enjoy during their party...even though I was a little bummed I wouldn't get to "play" myself. ;)

Zebra Mix kits are made from only organic and natural ingredients that are premixed for a less messy experience in the kitchen. They feature a fantastic and vividly colorful "Safari Baking Map" which is layed out much like a game board with step by step instructions that make it super easy to follow along while creating a fun baking game! My sister said that the girls had a blast making their own cookies and said that they even tasted as good as the brand promises. The only disappointment I have is that apparently they were so good that there weren't any left for me to try. ;)

Here are the girls making their very own Zebra Mix cookies.
Thanks Mom Fuse & Zebra Mix for these fantastic memories for my daughter & her aunt!


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