Summer of Pink Bonus Entry Prize #3

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-04
Today's featured prize for the Summer of Pink Giveaway for Moms is the "Mommy needs a Time Out!" tee from Time Out Spots. Following the success of their “Time Out” rugs, the company decided to venture out with different products including onesies, children’s bracelets and apparel for the whole family. Each item expresses the fact that sometimes we all do in fact need a “Time Out”.

“Created by teacher turned mom, Heather Sievers, Time Out Spots are the solution to unsuccessful time outs. Heather was inspired by her three year old son. She started his time outs on a little wooden stool, which immediately became a problem. The stool would get flipped over and scooted around. It even started to damage the wood floors. The last straw was when he picked it up, held it to his bottom, and walked around saying, “I’m still in time out, my bootie is on the stool.” Time Out had turned into a game. So, it hit her. The family needed a new time out spot! Deciding that a rug would be great for this, Heather designed the Time Out Spot and went on a mission to have it manufactured.”

Be sure to check out their full feature on Mom Fuse to take advantage of today's bonus entry in the Summer of Pink Giveaway!


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