Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-30

These coupons were won within the first few hours after posting this contest! What a great group of readers I have! Thanks!

Congratulations to the following winners:
  • Deborah Sloan
  • Katie Fiorella
  • Michal Robertson
  • Sky Seery
  • Amy McCathran
  • Jennifer Ingle
  • Autum Hofeling
  • Casey Aubut
  • Kim Bison
  • Andrea Hatfield

Thank you all so much for entering! This was such a FUN contest!

Oh, and by the way...the answer was 2001. ;)


OldNavyWeekly.com is Old Navy's new coupon hunting site. They hide coupons with savings of up to $75 off a $100 sale! To hunt for coupons all you have to do is visit OldNavyWeekly.com and start your search for these super great discounts. The only catch is that the coupons are good for in-store purchases only, but with Old Navy stores just around everyone's corner, this is an amazing way to save some major dollars!

I have an exciting giveaway for some great coupons that is going on for 3 days only!

I have 10 one-time-use coupons for $50 off $100 purchases redeemable in-store June 1-6, 2009 for the first 10 people that email me the answer to the following POP QUIZ QUESTION:

I'm sure you've seen the great "SUPERMODELQUIN" commercials for Old Navy where the fantastically dressed mannequins "act" in soap opera like scenes. Check out these videos to do your research for the answer.

***In what year did Michelle & Wesley marry?***

Hurry! I only have 10 coupons, so get to searching and send your emailed answer HERE!

Contest ends midnight June 1, 2009 or when all coupons have been claimed.


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