Gassner Custom Soaps - REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-31
As favors, I don't like to give just the random plastic toys that will end up on the floor of the car or in the trash by the end of the day. To me, that is just a waste! So I searched for favors that the girls could use over and over and for some that were actually beneficial. One product that I found that satisfied both necessities were custom made lip balms by Gassner Custom Soaps. With a choice of either Shea butter or vegan lip balms, there are a variety of flavors to choose from. I, of course, chose Shea butter flavors in shades of pink, which included bubblegum and watermelon. I stole Ema's for a second and tried it out, and it was a great mixture of smooth and creamy consistency and flavor! Mmmm, yummy! I also received a bar of their homemade soap. It's smell is delicious and my skin felt the same way after washing with it.

Be sure to check out the other great products that Gassner Custom Soaps has to offer and keep up with their monthly specials for free products!


  1. Amy Warden Says:
  2. Love Elizabeth's products! She does great work!

  3. Amber Says:
  4. I've used a bunch of Elizabeth's products and she always has such fantastic things. Her cold process soaps are especially wonderful!

  5. TeresaR Says:
  6. I'm positive that anyone who's ever used Elizabeth's lip balms will fall in love forever with them. I know I have...and I've tried tons and tons of different ones. She is one talented (and busy) lady! :)


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