Eco Kid Organics- REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-11
As a parent of a kindergartner, one of the scariest things to me is that she will come home and infest our entire family with one of the most taboo words in my vocabulary... LICE! I'm sure I mentioned before that I have extremely thick hair and my children were no exception to this hereditary "blessing." So if you are aware of how to get rid of these bugs, you can imagine my fear of the chaos (and painful screams) that would erupt from this infestation. Well, thanks to Mom Fuse, I was given the opportunity to work with a company that creates kid-friendly products to help PREVENT this from happening, Eco.Kid Organics.
"The basis of all eco.kid products is prevention is better than cure™. eco.kid hair care products help to prevent hair and scalp problems that affect children such as split ends and tangles, and an itchy scalp while making their hair unattractive to head lice. - Wherever possible eco.kid is made from ingredients that are vapour distilled, organically certified, wild harvested, naturally derived, readily biodegradable and Australian indigenous which together creates a product that is naturally preserved, nutrient enhanced, ecologically inert, naturally fragranced and naturally coloured." - Eco.Kid Organics

So since it is safe for my kids and fatal to the little pests that I fear, what could it hurt? I tried the shampoo and conditioner on both of my kids and besides the smell that is a little strong for my taste and the fact I had to be sure to keep it out of their eyes, I was totally satisfied. What was even better is that even if you already have to deal with this problem, they even offer a Lice Bomb that is a 100% naturally derived botanical complex of pure plant oils and essences that aids in the removal of head lice and their eggs. So whether you fear lice (like me) or need a natural and effective way to remove them, Eco.Kid Organics has something for you.


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