Calypso Studios - REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-05-12
I've mentioned Calypso Studios in the past, but this time I have personal experience to report. Thanks to Mom Fuse, I had the opportunity to review this fantastic company!

"Calypso Studios is a new company that has taken inspiration from mother nature and created products that encompass a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle. We are constantly moving forward and challenging ourselves with new designs and accessories, creating beautiful pieces that everyone can enjoy. And we want everyone to S.H.O.P. - Start Helping Our Planet - and become involved and aware of what is going on with our planet Earth. will give ample information as well as links to our retail/wholesale sites which showcase all of our products. From our new S.H.O.P. Totes down to our Nouveau Expression rings." - Calypso Studios Inc.

I got to see one of their "Trend" carrying cases and a their beautiful Blue Burst Cuff bracelet. I opened the package on the way to my daughter's ballet class and because I was wearing a black tee shirt, I went ahead and put on the bracelet. I swear, the other moms almost ripped my arm off trying to see the gorgeous bracelet! They were even more surprised to find that they could purchase their own for only $10 and that there were so many different colors to choose from! I also threw the compact S.H.O.P tote in the bottom of my purse so I could try it out the next time we went shopping. Well, little did I know that a trip to the beach would come first. My mother in law no sooner said, "I wish we had a bag to put all these towels in" when I whipped out this small wallet-sized product. I unsnapped the bag and voila! A bag large enough and light enough to carry all 4 of our towels, sunscreen and sunglasses. She was impressed beyond words and so was I. These carrying cases come in sets of 3 in tons of color combinations, perfect for a decent sized trip to the grocery store. The best part is when its all done, you just roll these back up, snap and they fit in the bottom of your purse again.


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