Skinn Cosmetics - Review

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-04-13
I have always dealt with oily skin. Not so much the acne that comes with it sometimes (thank goodness!), but I do have to make sure I powder my face after applying my makeup, otherwise, I look like a shiny barbie I was recently given the opportunity by Lisa at It's A Glam Thing to try out a new product from Skinn Cosmetics that has eliminated my need for excessive powder. The Orchid Gel Mattefying Treatment is a truly unique product that helps lock in moisture as it also absorbs excess oil, cuts shine, blurs pores all while reducing the visibility of other skin imperfections. I put this on before applying my foundation and have completely cut out my powder all together. This one-of-kind treatment uses state of the art silicones and specialized light diffusing pigments that make it one of the most sought after products in the entire Skinn line. Since adding this one product to my make-up bag, not only have I cut my initial application time, I have also lost the worry that my face is shiny through out the day. I now have more time to focus on lost pacifiers and coloring that perfect picture!

Thanks, It's A Glam Thing AND Skinn Cosmetics for this life simplifying opportunity!


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