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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-04-15
I'm sure there are a few of you out there like me. I have a pretty nice digital camera. I love to take pictures of my kids and family. I even take pretty nice pictures sometimes! So much so that I wish that I could decorate my entire house with all the photos I take of my sweet babies. But, who could afford that, right? Especially when photo-enlargement is necessary...

Well, thanks to Mom Fuse, I was offered the opportunity to review a photo printing site that specializes in poster sized printing of amateur (or photographers like myself at a very affordable price. is a genius site that has become the premier destination for poster printing and photo-enlargement on the web. Not only is their web interface easy to use, you can create a beautiful full size poster from any digital photo or file in less than 5 minutes. They even have a grading system that informs you quickly as to whether your uploaded file is of adequate size to be enlarged properly. In fact my first upload was a cropped one and I received a grade of F, so I went back to the original file and my upload grade became an A...AND I was able to crop it back to my liking after upload. I'm telling you...It doesn't get easier than this. The best part of my order though, was the really great price! Where else can you get a custom photo poster sized at 36" x 48" for less than $100? In fact depending on your options, you can also get that size for less than $35! Check out my beautiful print that now adorns my living room wall... (and thanks to my sister, Dixi, who took the picture!)

You have to check this out! Especially since as a Pink & Posh reader, Posters has offered you an exclusive discount!



  1. Ruby Says:
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  3. Wow Jeri...That is a beautiful picture...just WOW!

  4. A printing service such as this really is great for single copies of poster-sized prints. When you need to print multiple copies, though, using a wholesale printer will save you from paying a hefty price. All you have to do after you crop your image is to save it at a high resolution - at least 300 dpi. It's nice to know that there are several options for printing poster-sized photographs so that anyone can choose the right printer for their needs.


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