Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover - REVIEW

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-04-09
As girly as I am, I am not really very fond of painting my nails. I will get a manicure from time to time, but if I get my nails painted, it is usually always in the french manicure style. Simple, easy, matches everything. My daughter on the other hand, LOVES to have pretty little colors on her pretty little hands and toes. One good thing for me is that I usually don't have to paint them for her myself. Almost every time she sees her Nanny (which is at least once a week), her Nanny will paint them for her. The disadvantage is that she will paint them the wildest colors and patterns in what seems like permanent marker when I try to remove the color once they chip. So, of course, I have yet to find a nail polish remover that I feel confident will easily remove nail polish without irritating my daughter and myself.

Enter Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover from VB Cosmetics.

Thanks to Lisa with It's A Glam Thing, I was offered an opportunity to review this nail polish remover, and you can imagine my skepticism when it got it about its difference from any of the others I tried. Well, I have to say, that the first difference that I noticed was the pleasant smell when I opened the bottle. NEVER have I enjoyed the smell of nail polish remover, but this product has a very nice lemony scent that doesn't turn you off while using it. Now, that's all well and good, but it's time for the real test...does it work? As we returned from our trip, it was the perfect opportunity to test it out on my daughter's hot pink half-chipped nails. I broke out the cotton balls and sat her down...

Here we go... I take her hand... dip the cotton ball in the remover...(sniff, sniff...mmmmm)...place the soaked cotton ball on her finger...swipe...WHAT!?

Her nail was completely clean! After only one swipe! I couldn't believe it! It usually takes at least 2 cotton balls, not to mention countless swipes, to get even one nail done with the bright colors that her Nanny uses. At this point I think it has to be a coincidence so I finish her hand and then go on to the next having the same result on each and every finger. (cue the choir of angels...)

What was even better was the fact that this formulation of chemicals also includes lemongrass and clove essential oils that don't leave your fingernails and cuticles feeling dry and cracked once you're finished using it.

So basically, if you feel the same way about your nail polish remover as I did, then this is totally the product for you!


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