The Summer of Pink 2009

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-04-01
As summer approaches, so does one of the most exciting Blog Giveaway Events of 2009! The Summer of Pink Event is being hosted by 3 blogs working together to bring you some of the biggest prizes for Mommy, Baby, and Fun! With the event running from May through July, each blog will be hosting an entire month with it's own "Pink" theme.
  • "Pink for Mommy" in May is hosted by Jessica at Mom Fuse.
  • "Pink for Baby" in June is hosted by Kristy at Mommy In Pink.
  • "Pink for Fun" in July is hosted by me here at Pink and Posh.

You definitely don't want to miss out on this event! Each month 1 lucky grand prize winner will walk away with a huge assortment of prizes from our fantastic sponsors. There will also be 3 runners up every month who will also receive amazing prizes.


Below you will find a list of the sponsors for The Summer of Pink, but the prizes will be announced one at a time throughout each month of their theme. So be sure to stay tuned to each blog for contest updates!

We are adding sponsors everyday to make the Summer of Pink Event even more spectacular!
If you have a product that you would like to donate for this event, we would love to include you!
Please contact me before April 18!


Do you want an extra entry in each month's giveaway? Simply take one of our buttons and display it on your blog. It must remain visible on your front page throughout the entire event, otherwise your extra chance will be disqualified. Once you've added the button, leave your link in the Mister Linky below.



*** This contest is only for U.S. Residents 18 Years or Older...sorry! ***


  1. Nanci Says:
  2. I grabbed my banner! Can't beleive I'm first!

  3. April Says:
  4. I added the Summer of Pink giveaway button to my blog. It's private, but I sent you an e-mail giving you permission so you can see it. My link is:

  5. Zippy Says:
  6. What a fun event. I've posted your banner, and it will run on EVERY page of Champagne Living.

  7. valerie2350 Says:
  8. Hooray! I love a party! :)

  9. Lalapoo Says:
  10. This is way cool! I am adding the button now.

  11. Melinda Says:
  12. grabbed your party button

  13. ~Sandy~ Says:
  14. the button is up on my sidebar!!!

  15. I've added your party button. Fun!

  16. I have got your button on my blog now!!!

  17. OK GRABBING YOUR BUTTON! adding it to my blog! thank you!

  18. Thanks so much I can't wait!!

  19. Lee Ann Says:
  20. I have it posted on blog :)

  21. blueviolet Says:
  22. I have your button

  23. janetfaye Says:
  24. Posted the Summer of Pink Button!

  25. I <3 Nicole so I'm excited of this. Posted the pink button and grabbing your personal button next.

  26. *Meg Larsen* Says:
  27. Oh, I'm all over this. Thanks Nicole for cluing me in!

  28. ☾ Ash ♡ Says:
  29. Sweet, you're up on the blog :)

  30. EllyBean Says:
  31. I just added the button! :)

  32. Marta Says:
  33. I've posted it on my site! Thanks for the extra entry !

  34. You girls are going to LOVE this giveaway! SO many fun prizes! GO Summer of Pink!! xoxo Nicole

  35. icefairy Says:
  36. Added the button under Events. Look forward to the giveaways!

  37. Joy Lise Says:
  38. The banner is on my front page!

  39. Joy Lise Says:
  40. I blogged about this contest!

  41. lace Says:
  42. grabbed the button and put it on my sidebar. This looks like a fun event.

  43. Brandie Says:
  44. I added the Banner :)

  45. Angie Marion Says:
  46. I put up the button! Thanks!

  47. simply kris Says:
  48. button up and ready to be pushed!

  49. Shannon Says:
  50. your button is up!

  51. I just added you!

  52. I added your button to my sidebar!

  53. Caitlin Says:
  54. Great contest! I've grabbed my link, and posted it to my blog :)

  55. erin laci Says:
  56. i just started this new blog, so i put up your button, it might get moved around, but it will be there

  57. I have it! Thanks :)

  58. Banner is published: CHARLO | TRUNK

    Thanks so much!

    Kathleen Elizabeth Smith
    Twitter: @Katrunk

  59. This is exciting, I'm promoting thanks to the referral from Janet & Loving Heart Designs!

  60. This sounds like so much fun, I just posted a banner on my site.

  61. I added the button to my sidebar :) I'm looking forward to the event!

  62. Jess Says:
  63. The banner is up at the bottom!

  64. Jessica Says:
  65. I'm REALLY excited about all of this! Thanks!

  66. Ki Ki Says:
  67. I added the button to my blog.

  68. Island Girl Says:
  69. I added the button to my blog at

    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  70. Mary Reid Says:
  71. I have added your button to my Blog!
    Thank you for this awesome chance to be part of this!

  72. Joanna Says:
  73. I am so excited about this! I put up the button. :)

  74. Rajee Says:
  75. I entered my current giveaways in Mr.Linky and going to grab Pink Posh button.

  76. How fun! What a fantastic list of sponsors!

  77. Mel Says:
  78. I love this!

  79. I've added the button to my side bar!!

  80. Henrietta Says:
  81. Added your banner in my sidebar! Good luck everyone!

  82. Kelli Says:
  83. I just added the button. This is a great list of sponsors.

  84. ProjectHope7 Says:
  85. I just added your button to my blog!
    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com

  86. Have your button on the left hand side of my blog. have had it for awhile.

  87. 1955nurse Says:
  88. What a great list of sponsors. I just LOVE the Giraffe @ 'cloud b', sort-of multi-purpose!
    This looks like it will be fun :)

  89. Darlene Says:
  90. This sounds very fun! The list of sponsors are great! Thanks!

    Darlene Cox

  91. Dana Says:
  92. I have posted the button thanks!

  93. I have this button now as well!

  94. Got it! Thanks!

  95. Princess MAR Says:
  96. I might be a little late to the game but this is totally fabulous! I added the button and I am spreading the word!! thanks!!

  97. Kelsey Says:
  98. I have it posted on mine! I forgot to comment awhile back. :(

  99. warmfuzzies Says:
  100. Have had your button on my blog for awhile now. Snce the giveaway. Yay. This is very exciting and fabulous!!

  101. hminnesota Says:
  102. I have your button at

  103. Carrie Says:
  104. I have the button on!

  105. Penny Says:
  106. I am better late than never, it's still summer isn't it =) and I have your button on
    Thanks Jeri,

  107. warmfuzzies Says:
  108. Had my banner up all summer. Yay!!!

  109. Sex Toy Guru Says:
  110. Summer is almost over, but the excitement has just begun as far as I'm concerned! Great work on the banners... :)


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