Sex and the.....Easter Bunny?

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-03-29
Yesterday my husband and I took the kids to meet some of our friends to have lunch. With the restaurant being very close to a shopping mall and the fact that is was pouring down rain, we decided that since the park was out of the question, we would go shopping. (woohoo!) I'm still looking for a dress for the wedding we are attending next month, so "Mr. Posh" took control of the stroller and helped with the kids so I could shop. As I come of out one store, my daughter came running up to me shouting "Mommy! Mommy!" When I asked what was going on, she explained that she had seen the Easter bunny in the courtyard of the mall. (Crap... I forgot that malls do that!) Oh well, there's no turning back now, so we decided to stand in line so the kids could see the Easter bunny. Because it was after lunch and we had been at the mall for a while, my 2 year old son was getting very irritated by being in the stroller, so I was really regretting the mall trip all together. (especially since I didn't even find a dress...) But as our turn came around, my son deliriously perked up and during the picture even took my daughter's hand...too sweet! Don't I have the cutest kids EVER?!
Well, anyway, I paid the cashier for the pictures and as I'm signing my receipt, she asks if I would like a free book. Because I am thinking that we just saw the Easter bunny with our children, I assume she means a children's book... So imagine my surprise when she hands me a Harlequin romance novel. I almost bust out laughing right then and there!!! Well, apparently Harlequin is celebrating their 60 year anniversary and provided free samples for the mall as well as free downloadable ebooks on their website.

And why not hand them out during the Easter Bunny's else do you think we get Easter eggs?


  1. Thats a great joke! I love it :)

  2. LOL! Ans yes, you do have the cutest kids! My two-year old would never sit so comfortably with the Easter Bunny...brave kid you got there!


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