Little Miss Matched - GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-03-01

How many times have you had that fight with your dryer about the disappearance of all your matching socks? Well, in my case it is especially frustrating, because in my house there is me, my husband, my 5 year old daughter, and my 2 year old son. So, there is no chance that I can just put 2 together whether they are a true pair or not. Hello Kitty doesn't look as fabulous paired with Thomas the Train, now does she? And I don't think my husband would appreciate his 'industrial strength" heavy duty work socks paired with my dainty fish net trouser socks.(hehehe! I have a disturbing visual of him wearing my socks...HAHAHA!) Okay, now back on subject....

This week, I had the opportunity to work with a great company that wants to present their solution for laundry burdened moms everywhere. Little Miss Matched is a funky little business that specializes in socks that don’t match on purpose! They also sell them in odd numbers so even if the dryer eats one, who cares? "And best of all, if you get three socks that mismatch (but coordinate in fabulously fun ways) then you get three choices for a pair instead of just one." Now some of you may have seen these ingenious socks or even their mismatched flip-flops in your local boutiques, but what you probably didn't know is that they aren't just about socks! They now have everything from backpacks to bedroom furniture! I (well my daughter, actually) had the opportunity to review a pair of their adorable pajamas, and I have to say that even before I could remove the tags and labels, she was ready to put them on. They were super cute, super soft, and in her words "super comfortable!" So basically long story made short, this fun little night set passed the "mommy" and the "little girly" tests with flying colors.


For your chance to win a week's worth of Little Miss Matched socks for your little girl, visit their site and let me know in a comment which item(s) are your favorite! (No other entries count if you don' t do this!)

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This contest will end midnight March 8, 2009 EST.

Good Luck and Happy Mis(s)-Matching!


  1. Hello I love the zany socks for girls in black with stripes and polka dots too fun my daughter would like those plus she doesnt keep up with her own socks now ha!

  2. Kim Says:
  3. love this: duffle bag, kooky pink/green hearts

  4. Kim Says:
  5. follower

  6. Kim Says:
  7. subscribe to emails

  8. BIBZEES Says:
  9. I love 173-175, the black and white set!

  10. nanja Says:
  11. I like the icons t shirt for girls. Thanks!

  12. nanja Says:
  13. Your site Button is on my sidebar here

  14. nanja Says:
  15. I'm sunscribed to the email

  16. nanja Says:
  17. I'm a follower

  18. Staci Says:
  19. Okay, that site officially falls under the category of "Why Didn't I Think of That?" Seriously, why didn't I?

  20. Debbie Says:
  21. TOTALLY love this company. The Zany 76, 77, 78 would be perfect for my daughter. (Does this company take donations? I have 2 Walmart sacks full of mismatched socks!!!

  22. Kim S. Says:
  23. My daughter would love the fabulous 234, 235, 236 set. Love the idea and makes moms life easier too!

  24. Kim S. Says:
  25. I'm a follower too.

  26. Anne Says:
  27. My kids do that anyway, they just aren't coordinated. I saw their stuff in a store and thought it was really cute. My favorite is the women's flannel pajamas black zany. I love flannel and think I would look fabulous in them.

  28. Love the girls fuzzy socks marvelous 157, 158, 159.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  29. follower

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  30. subscriber

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  31. Brooke Says:
  32. I love the duffle bag, white zany dots! It's so very cute!

    Thank you for the chance!


  33. Brooke Says:
  34. I'm a subscriber now! YAY!

  35. Nicol Says:
  36. My nieces have been doing the mis-matched socks for years. I love that they are being themselves. I love the bags that they have. The Girls messenger bag with the stripes and hearts is super cute!

  37. Nicol Says:
  38. I follow your blog! :)

  39. Emilie Says:
  40. I love the Fabulous 173,174 and 175 in the black an white! Too cute!

  41. Emilie Says:
  42. I have your button on my blog!

  43. Emilie Says:
  44. I'm following you!

  45. Emilie Says:
  46. I'm an email subscriber!

  47. Connie Says:
  48. I really like the black zany long sleeve pajamas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Connie Says:
  50. I signed up for your email updates.

  51. Connie Says:
  52. I am now following you!

  53. Jennifer Says:
  54. Oh, the SKETCHoRAMA dresser looks super cool as does all their furniture. I love the bright colors.

  55. Jennifer Says:
  56. follower!

  57. I like the Marvelous 220, 221, 222 socks, and the black zany girls cotton pajamas.

    onlycancan ta hotmail tod com


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