Hi, My Name is Jeri and I am a Shoe-aholic!

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-03-09
As if the title doesn't say enough, I just can't get enough shoes. Much to my husband's confusion, I probably have 15 pair of black shoes, and still "need" more. (not to mention all the other colors I own...) But, my addiction is somewhat contained to a particular brand...Nine West. I have found their designs to have everything I need from a shoe; unique styles, hot colors, and COMFORT! When I was employed (seems like forever ago, now...) I could wear Nine West shoes all day and not once wince. Oh. and I forgot to mention that my heels are no shorter than 3 and a half inches, so this was definitely an accomplishment on their part! Well, anyway, even though I don't have somewhere "specific" to wear them anymore, that doesn't mean I don't "need" them. So as if to read my mind, Nine West has now created the perfect opportunity for me, and the rest of you with shoe fetishes.

Sign up now for the Nine Loves registry at Nine West and be eligible for these perks:


1 Responses to Hi, My Name is Jeri and I am a Shoe-aholic!

  1. Jeri,

    I am with you! I have so many shoes, the only problem is that I have no clothes to go with them. I guess I have become a shoe collector.


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