Zenni Optical...my best kept SECRET!

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-02-19

I have been optically challenged since I was a senior in high school. (That was when I realized I actually had to pay attention to graduate...LOL) But, at first, I couldn't grasp the visual of myself in eyeglasses! So until I had my daughter, I wore contacts. But soon there after, I figured out that contacts were too high maintenance (and a little costly) for my busy mommy schedule (and budget), so I decided to buy my first pair of eyeglasses. I made an appointment with my eye doctor for an updated exam. (apparently the prescription is different for glasses than for contacts...) By the time I left, I had dropped an easy $400 which included the eye exam, a decent set of frames and lenses. (Oh, and I think they threw in a free case or two...LOL) But to think I was going to save money by getting glasses ended up being a huge joke, and I really didn't even like the ones I got... go figure. A few months later, I met my sister for lunch and noticed she was sporting a super cute pair of (what I thought were expensive, designer) frames. I told her I loved them and that I thought they must have cost her a fortune! She laughed and said that a friend of hers had referred her to a website where she purchased them and that they had only cost her $15, frames, lenses AND shipping! She gave me the web address and as soon as I walked into my house, I jumped on the computer to search for my cheap designer-looking eyeglasses! Zenni Optical has been my "visually" appealing secret for about 5 years now, but apparently everyone is talking about how great they are...even the New York Times! They recently published an article called "Seeing Straight Without Breaking The Bank" and included Zenni Optical as a great option for inexpensive glasses. I am really excited to share this site with you (even if I must admit that my fab glasses are not super-expensive designer...) because in these tough economic times, we all need breaks anywhere we can find them. Below are a few of the glasses that I have purchased over the years, but I chose each option in all-black. (to match all of my pink and posh clothes, of course!)



  1. I am definitely looking into this! I haven't gotten new frames since 2004; the cost is just too prohibitive. But if this is for real, with no hidden fees, i can get 2 or 3 pairs! Then I won't have to be so devastated when my kids bend my frames (again).
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Pink & Posh Says:
  3. You definitely should! As long as you have your prescription, it is super easy, and super affordable!

    I've bought probably 6 pair already and spent less than $80!


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