What YOU Mean to Me!

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-02-06
As I look over the last few months of Pink & Posh (which are also the first few, LOL), I have to admit that I am probably more grateful to you as a reader than you will probably ever know. Last year, after my son had some health difficulties in a daycare environment and eventually needed surgery, I was forced to make the difficult decision to leave my family's second income and more importantly a job that I LOVED or leave my son in a daycare and chance more illness. As a mother, I took the obvious choice and became a stay at home mom. Now, if you know me at all, you will instantly understand how hard this was for me, going from a full-time executive assistant position in a global corporation to changing diapers all day. Not only did my appearance change (and not for the better, I might add...) but so did my self-esteem and motivation. Now, don't get me wrong, I did not become a slobby mess of depression, but I did crave the "adult" conversation and the daily shower that I recently lost. So, in the midst of all the change, I decided that I still needed to stay productive in an industrial sense, so I created my e-boutique, The Sweet Bowtique. Once that was established and I knew what products I wanted to offer, I began to look for ways to market my new business. Once I realized that the term "it takes money to make money" was unfortunately true, I decided to make my own way of getting my product out there. This is when Pink & Posh was born. As I began to realize that other moms needed the same marketing that I did, it became apparent that this was to become a success that I still have trouble grasping. I have met so many other moms in the same situation as myself, who are trying hard to hold their families together in these tough economic times, and many of them I now call friends. It is amazing how many of us are out there, and I have to say that the friends that I have made and the love and support that I feel from you as a reader has helped me get through this new life-style change. YOU are the highest reward and largest benefit that participating in the blogging community has to offer. Without you as a reader, there would be no community. So, just so I can say it again, Thank you so much for being a loyal reader of Pink & Posh, you mean more to me than words can say!


  1. Gracie Says:
  2. Just wanted to say from out here to you.... THANKS for your friendship too! ;)

  3. Lana Cox Says:
  4. You have a fabulous blog. Thanks for all of your work and all of the fun giveaways! I really enjoy your reviews and finding fun new products


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