Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-02-24
When this story first aired, I had decided not to say anything about "Octo-Mom", Nadya Suleman's story, because "celebrity" news is a bit tainted in my opinion. But when her dad went on Oprah today and flat out asked her to help have Nadya mentally evaluated, I had to say something.

Before we begin, I would like to note my obvious sarcasm. (just in case...)
  • I might have understood that she would have a hard time getting a job with 6 previous children so that she might need government assistance. (daycare IS expensive...)

  • I might have understood that she would want to sacrifice her children's well-being to fork over the bill to her plastic surgeon to look like Angelina Jolie. ( I mean, who doesn't want to look like her?!)

  • I might have even understood that she would want to create her own website to ask America's taxpayers for even more support. (who doesn't love free stuff?)
But, to convince a [crazy] doctor to implant her with even more zygotes (gosh, I haven't used this word since high school biology...) when she already had trouble supporting the children she had [as a single mom], I have to say that I, having no experience as a shrink, believe this woman has some serious issues. Now (on Oprah, of course!), her father has just confirmed to the entire world what most of us already suspected.

What do YOU think about this very controversial woman and her story? Inquiring minds (well, maybe just mine...) want to know!


  1. Debbie Says:
  2. She is - by far - getting too much publicity (which is apparently what she needs) and her similar appearance to Angelina is, well, just icky...
    If everybody would back off - quit feeding her need for attention - and the realities of REAL, EVERY DAY LIFE could set in, her perspective would likely change in major ways...

  3. Pink & Posh Says:
  4. Absolutely! But, it isn't the babies (or the previous kids) fault that they have to deal with her shock of reality, but then again, they do have grandma...


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