It's TIME for Love!

Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-02-05
It has been a long standing tradition between my husband & I that at least once a year we buy each other some sort of time piece. Whether it be a clock, a pocket watch, or a wrist watch, we have had fun in becoming very creative and unique when it comes to these sometimes serious but more often times funny gifts. We don't specify which holiday we will use, so that the other person will be surprised, but this year (as I hope my husband decides not to read this post...) I have decided to put all the jokes aside and surprise him with a new wrist watch. After doing a little research on the (millions of) models to choose from, I have decided on the GOLANA AE 200 Classic Swiss made chronograph watch. Even though my husband has never been in the air for more than a few business flights, I'm sure he will appreciate this beautifully crafted time piece made for air explorers who feel right at home thousands of feet above ground. In researching this watch, I have found the perfect place to purchase very high quality watches at extremely discounted prices! The Watchery will help you find valentine's gifts for any member of your family. And at their prices, you can certainly afford them!

Now, if only I could decide between the Stainless Steel Bracelet or the Black Leather Strap...Decisions, Decisions.


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