Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2009-02-12
I have a few things up my sleeve for my surprise Valentine's Day party for my husband's return home on Saturday, and most of it puts me in the kitchen. So since my current apron is a bit worn out, I decided to make a new one. With the trend of retro style, girly aprons that I have recently seen in every boutique I visit (in person and online), I decided to check out some ideas on etsy. That's when I found THE apron that I must have! (and of course, it is pink!)

I decided to make this find this week's Fashion Friday item because even though you wear it mostly in the kitchen for cooking or entertaining, why shouldn't you still be fabulous? Made by super talented seamstress and esty seller, designedbyDiana, this apron will be the fashion statement of the year! And if you are like me and spend a ton of time in the kitchen, you will constantly feel HOT strutting around in this sweet number!! (and whatever you wear UNDER the apron is always optional!)

Check out Diana's other items on etsy! (She has some really great bags, too!)

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  1. I loove Aprons! They are so fun to wear!


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