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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2008-12-14
*** Congratulations to the winners of this contest: ***




In this new age of technology, where it seems everyone is using the internet for sending messages and invitations, I find it refreshing and exciting to recieve a handwritten card or even just a note. Doesn't it make you feel special to know that someone took the time to hand write you a note? At least once a week, I send my daughter's teacher a note about the most various of subjects, but even for these I like to use a personalized stationary. With 16 other children in her class it helps to identify whose mommy is writing. I have attempted at making my own, but with the time involved and the lack of "professional quality" resources, I am always on the look out for the cutest stationary products. Well, I have now found the resource I have been longing for, and she had the perfect item for my weekly teacher notes.

Amanda Britt, with Lollipop Papers, sent me a From the Mother of Notepad. With cute pictures of each of my children and a check box by each of their names, their teachers, directors, instructors, etc. will know exactly which child I am writing the note about. It also features my name and phone number on the bottom of the note to save time in writing.
This is my new mommy must-have product recommendation!
You should also check out all the other products offered by Lollipop Papers.

These are a few of my favs:

Super unique and trendy invitations for children and adults!

Business and Mommy Calling Cards...the newest trend for play-dates!

...and they don't stop at paper!
Check out the Gifts and Extras category!

If you are a mom with several children or even one who just enjoys having that personalized touch to your stationary, this weeks contest is for you! For 3 lucky winners of this giveaway, (YES, I SAID 3!) Lollipops Papers will send 1 set of 2 "From the Mother of" Notepads. Just check out their website, find your favorite item and leave a comment here telling us what it is. You could also get an extra chance to win by signing up as a follower to the Pink & Posh blog or to recieve our weekly newsletter. Just leave an extra comment saying that you do so.
Now, start looking for your favorite item, and I'm sure you will find those last minute holiday gifts while you are searching.

This contest will end midnight EST December 21, 2008


  1. Beth Says:
  2. The Mother of Pads are adorable and a much needed item for any mom and her lists! But everything else is great too and I bookmarked the site for future party invites!

  3. Danielle Says:
  4. They have so many cute things! I think my favorite might be the little aprons! So adorable and perfect for the little girl who likes to help mommy in the kitchen!

  5. Darlene Says:
  6. Can I get "From the Grandmama of" in case I need to send a note once in a while?? I love the variety and the invites are great too. Every kid wants a pony, and the invites with the tail are awesome. I am glad to see there are Thank you cards that match some of the invites. A great way to teach our kids to acknowledge the gifts and thoughtfulness of others. I like the skate invite too. Thanks for letting me know where I can get some wonderful things.

  7. Kelly Says:
  8. My daughter's birthday is in January and it will be really easy to order invitations already printed. Why didn't I think of that before? It takes too long to fill out invitations! I LOVE the ladybugs!

  9. I think my favorite has to be the Santa's Treat plate for the holiday season.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  10. gatornic Says:
  11. Love, love, love the party invitations. My son is turning 5 in a month and a half and I'd love to send out invitations I didn't have to make myself!! Thanks for a great giveaway!


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