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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2008-12-07
As a first time mom (which was several years ago now...) I always wanted to dress my new baby girl in all of her beautiful dresses and outfits. Some we received as gifts, but most I had bought myself, and aren't those expensive boutique clothes just too hard to resist? Well, in the midst of feedings, diaper changes, spit-up and drool sessions, it became apparent that a bib was to become an accessory staple in my daughter's wardrobe, if nothing else but to save her unneccessarily expensive clothing from even more torture. But none of the bibs that I could find would match anything that I would like to dress her in. They were either super tacky ("I love my Mommy"...she's a baby, of course she does!!!) or just an off-shade of whatever color she wore. I had a really hard time with this and eventually just gave up the fight. But, for those of you with babies and toddlers in the family, there is finally a solution!

Bibzees created by an ingenious mommy, Beth Powell, offers the best way to keep your baby trendy and clean all at the same time. Bibzees, a collection of baby clothes for girls and boys, don't cover up your baby's style. They ARE your baby's style! These high-quality "mommy must-have" products are created from the same idea as graphic tees, except the design is on the bib instead of hidden underneath. At prices much nicer than those of a boutique, you can buy each piece individually ($7-$24) or purchase a Bibzee set ($25-$37) in many unique styles including a vintage wash collection and a new organic line of Bibzees. With each Bibzee set, you receive 1 bodysuit in short sleeve or long sleeve and 2 coordinating bibs which saves time and effort. Once the first bib gets wet or messy, all you have to do is switch to the second. No more changing an entire outfit just because of simple drooling.

Here are a few pieces from the Winter 2008-2009 Collection:

Check out Bibzees to see their full catalog of super cute baby, toddler and new youth sized clothes! They are the perfect gift for that new mommy this holiday season. And if 10% OFF using THIS LINK isn't enough, I am offering a FREE ROCKER BIB to one lucky Pink & Posh reader.

Simply check out the site, and come back here to leave a comment telling me about your favorite Bibzees item and you will be entered to win.



  1. Lacey Says:
  2. I've bought several Bibzees for myself as well as friends and I can't say enough about the quality. They are by far the softest baby outfits my son has ever worn and they stay that way wash after wash. I love them!!

  3. Lacey Says:
  4. Oops...I forgot to leave my email address in my previous comment. It's Sorry. :)

  5. These are super cute! I love the eco-friendly designs!

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Bibzees are a life saver! They should be ranked up there with The Miracle Blanket and Zip Crib Sheets! --

  8. gatornic Says:
  9. Wow, what a great idea. I have a brand new nephew this would look great on!!

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Bibzees are an amazing product! They are a life saver. They should be ranked right up there with The Miracle Blanket and Zip Crib Sheets!

  12. I love bibzees. Great quality and designs.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. Bibzees are amazing and truly the best gift idea! From the cool packaging to the beautiful product it's the best gift to give. Way to go Beth!

  15. Lynne Says:
  16. Bibzees are adorable. I love them! They are soft and look so cute. They make great gifts!!

  17. Megan Says:
  18. Bibzees are the BEST! My laundry has decreased by at least 50% and it's all thanks to Bibzees!!

  19. Kim Says:
  20. Bibzees are a great line, not only b/c of the fun designs, but also b/c they make sense - they're practical and trendy. You can match the design to the personality of the child (or parent) as well. Great idea!


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