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Posted by Jeri Maxedon 2008-09-07
Would you like to see your product featured on Pink & Posh?
I am constantly on the lookout for new products for children and mom reviews. By sending a sample of your product you are guaranteed a thorough & honest article on my front page.

I like to review products that are geared towards children of any age and mom & dad. Typically, I look for trendy, modern, and unique products to review.
In order to write a review I must receive a sample of your product. This allows me to give the reader an in-depth write up on your product as well as an overview of the entire experience with your company.

Contact me at for further details.

Help encourage more attention towards your product by sponsoring a contest! A contest is a great way to increase traffic to your website. As part of the entrance rules, I like to ask the readers to visit your site, and then leave a comment with some sort of information found from your site.
(ex: What is your favorite item from [your shop]?)
Typically, your contest will be included at the end of your product review. However, I'd be happy to work with you should you have a different request.

My articles are geared towards moms of children of any age, but I also reach dads, grandparents, and families with older children.

Gender: Female
Median Age: 25-45
Median Income: $65-$75K
# of Children: 2
Pregnant: 25%
Married: 60%
Reader demographics are taken from website polls, and are updated on an annual basis.

Our readers always enjoy getting a good deal!
Please submit your coupons and/or deals to

Get noticed by purchasing advertising space on Pink & Posh!

*I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason. If your advertisement or website is not accepted, you will be refunded payment.


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